Scottish Business Insider

7 Elements CEO, David Stubley is quoted in the September edition of the Scottish Business Insider.

The article on ‘Building Your IT Fortress’, focuses on the ever changing threat landscape faced by organisations from hackers and the need for organisations to take proactive steps to manage the risk presented. Often security testing is used to gain assurance that an organisation’s approach to security meets thier needs.

However, David Stubley, CEO at 7 Elements, says organisations do need help in understanding what security testing actually means.

     “It has become ubiquitous within the field of information security and means very different things to individuals and organisations. All levels of security testing are valid but it is important you choose the level that is right for your needs. Balance your risk appetite, cost, the level of assurance required, threat landscape and any regulatory requirements, if applicable.”

The full Scottish Business Insider article can be found here.

To help organisations understand what it is they require, we have published a more detailed blog that takes a look at the different types of tests that come under the security testing banner and what you can expect from that test.