Security Consultancy

Our security consultancy services have been developed through extensive industry experience and hands on knowledge gained through the delivery of security testing, and in response to security incidents.

We have a deep understanding of where an organisation’s approach to information security can fail and where improvements can be made to develop policies and procedures that enable the organisation to achieve its objectives.

Through our consultancy service we are able to translate this technical insight into clear business focused advice and guidance, specific to your own business needs. Below are a few examples of our consultancy engagements.

Backup and Recovery Audit

One area often overlooked within an organisations overall approach to ransomware exposure is the loss of availability of data and the need to collect and store backups that exceed the current capability of ransomware actors.

As such, 7 Elements has developed a detailed ‘Backup and Recovery’ audit approach to address this and provide organisations with an understanding of the entire backup and recovery capabilities, including sources of data, its protection mechanisms, where is the data replicated to and retained, data recovery, organisational policies and procedures, as well as identify any areas of concern relating to the existing capabilities.

Undertaking an audit will enable 7 Elements to make recommendations focused on reducing any risks identified by the review. If you would like to explore your requirements within this area, please get in touch with the team.

IS Policy

As an organisation we have extensive experience in the successful delivery of information security policy related projects. We believe in adopting a bespoke approach to each project to ensure the most effective policy development, organisational buy-in and consistent implementation. To this end, we will therefore work in collaboration with your organisation to ensure that the most appropriate and cost effective approach is undertaken.

PCI DSS Advisory

Any business which handles payment card data is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  For many organisations, particularly smaller ones, the standard’s prescriptive approach can be the first time a business has considered certain security defences.

Since its introduction in 2005, our 7 Elements consultants have been working with various businesses to ensure their security meets the requirements of the standard.  We offer bespoke, practical advice on how to handle card data securely and to manage the scope of an assessment.

We pride ourselves on identifying solutions, whatever the budget, which deliver genuine security improvement that goes beyond just compliance.