Case Sudies

Welcome to 7 Elements

We are a CREST accredited, independent IT security testing company providing expertise in technical information assurance through security testing, incident response and consultancy.

Offering completely impartial advice, our highly experienced team is here to guide you through the process, tailoring our service to your exact requirements, offering you the best and most flexible engagement for your business.

If you have an ongoing cyber incident call our triage team on 0131 235 2901

Our core service offerings cover the following areas:

Security Testing

At 7 Elements our approach to security testing is based on manual penetration testing techniques and goes further than doing a simple vulnerability scan. This approach, combined with our technical knowledge, ensures a deeper level of assurance and delivers pragmatic and tailored advice that is specific to the environment under test, backed up by our CREST accreditation for penetration testing services.

Incident Response

Based upon our extensive industry experience and hands on knowledge gained through the response to security incidents and the delivery of security testing, we have developed a unique Event Driven Approach to incident response that combines incident response with attack led knowledge. If you have an ongoing cyber incident call our triage team on 0131 235 2901

Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyber Attack Simulation (often referred to as
Red Teaming or ‘scenario based testing’)
brings together our security testing and
threat knowledge gained through extensive
incident response experience to generate
complex scenario based testing engagements.

The scenario goes beyond identifying how an
attacker will gain access, and tests your own
organisation’s capability to detect and respond to
a breach in real time.