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MoD is backing the Cyber Essentials Scheme

As of the 1st January 2016, all MoD contractors and sub-contractors will now be required to have cyber essentials or cyber essentials plus. It is also important to be aware that this extends to all MoD procurement, suppliers and subcontractors, even if they are not working directly with/for the MoD. For projects starting after 1st January, all suppliers will be required to have the relevant Cyber essentials certificate by the contract start date at the latest and thereafter renewed annually.

Key Points

There are four different risk categories for all MoD projects, very low, low, moderate and high, which have different certification requirements:
  • All contractors and sub-contractors on projects with a very low risk rating are required to have a CE certificate.
  • All contractors and sub-contractors on projects with low, moderate and high risk ratings are required to be CE+ certified (which includes gaining CE as part of the process).

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7 Elements are an accredited certification body for Cyber Essentials, more information on the scheme can be found here. As an independent technical information assurance consultancy, 7 Elements is well suited to assist your organisation in gaining a Cyber Essentials Certification.
As the scheme is designed to be available to all sizes of organisations, our pricing is cost effective.
To discuss your Cyber Essentials needs please contact us.