CESG IT Health CHECK Service

CESG IT Health CHECK Service





7 Elements is a CESG approved company providing high quality penetration testing (often referred to as an IT Health Check) to the standards as set out by CESG and in line with CESG’s recommended methodology.

As 7 Elements is classified as a ‘Green Light’ CHECK company, we are able to work under the full terms and conditions of the CHECK Service.

What is CHECK?

The CESG CHECK Scheme exists to provide HMG and other public sector bodies with access to CESG approved companies for the provision of penetration testing. The scheme sets out requirements for both the member company and the individual consultant to ensure that all tests on Government networks are of a high standard.

Being a CHECK Service provider, 7 Elements is approved to work on systems processing protectively marked information up to and including ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ and ‘SECRET’ (with CESG approval). All of our CHECK team members hold Security Clearance (SC) and are cleared to work with protectively marked data.

When to Use CHECK?

The CESG website contains detailed information on how and when to use the CHECK scheme. For more information on the scheme, please visit the CESG site here

To discuss your CHECK requirement or to discuss penetration testing engagements in more detail then please Contact us.